Brief History of the Board

The supply of potable water to Abuja the nation’s new Federal Capital started with the construction of Jabi Dam am dots water treatment plant in 1981. The Dam has an impounding reservoir with a capacity of 6 million cubic metres. The treatment plant is fed by gravity from the reservoir to raw water buffer into a cascade of aerators, clarifiers and fillers units of steel construction amd circular bolted clean water tank. The output of the treatment plant was 340m3/hr. Jabi Dam supplied water to the Federal Capital City up tp 1986 when the Usman Dam and the treatment works came into operation.

These facilities were all managed by the Water and Sewage Division of the Engineering Department of the Federal Capital Development Authority. In October 1989, the Federal Capital Territory Water Board was created specificially to:

*   Control, manage, install, maintain all water works and service vested or to be vested on the Board by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

*   Ensure the supply of potable water of adequate quantity and quality for the territory at the economic rate. Harness all water resources of the territory for economic development.

*   Encourage the conduct of research for the purpose of carrying out its functions.

*  Submit the result of such research to Hon. Minister for policy formulation relating to water supply and pollution control in the territory.