Rural Water Supply

The F.C.T has an estimated number of 800 rural communities with an average population of 1,500 each. A t least 3 water points are recommended to serve each of these communities.

The return of investment in this area is usually in the improved health in the rural area and reducing the drudgery in this activity particularly among the women-folk. The board has recently taken over the water supply facilities of the Abaji and Bwari Area Councils.

The rural development department is currently engaged in rehabilitating broken down water points all over the territory.

In order to ensure adequate potable water supply to the rural communities, measures taken so far include among others extensive on-going rehabilitation of hand pump operated boreholes provided by the defunct DFRRI; and feasibility studies for provision of motorized mini water schemes to larger rural communities. Many communities have now been slated to benefit from the programme